Ecstasy Overdose

Ecstasy is a club drug that many people whom attend raves use. A rave is a large party in sometimes abandon warehouse or otherwise of the map illegal clubs host. The reason for the underground club scene to have these types is to allow the club goers to use illegal drugs, most commonly ecstasy. Ecstasy is known as MDMA or 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine. The drug induces a sense of euphoria, reduced anxiety, and a strong sense of intimacy with others. At these rave clubs people generally take ecstasy and dance to trance like music for more than an entire night.

Studies have shown that ecstasy may be neurotoxic to humans and can impair a person’s verbal memory after chronic use. One of the most dangerous effects of the popular club drug. This clear danger shows a strong need for ecstasy rehab as a positive way help a user away from the drug. Users that quit ecstasy use usually experience very strong depression from it’s discontinued use, an unwanted side effect of the drug not being used often enough. Once again the medical help provided by ecstasy rehab can help a person overcome these feelings, and learn to deal with them in a way that lessens that chance of a relapse.

Ecstasy less addictive than other club drugs, but when taken frequently it can still be difficult to stop using without the help of ecstasy rehab. There are a lot of treatment centers and services out there to help you get help people addicted to ecstasy. Ecstasy addiction is very serious, even for a club drug taken perceived as safe, and pleasurable. If you have a problem using ecstasy or any other drug seeking treatment right away is the best possible choice. It is possible to overdose on the club drug ecstasy and overdose can lead to:
• Cardiac arrhythmia or abnormal electrical activity of the heart
• Circulatory shock or cardiogenic shock
• Vasculitis or destruction of blood vessels
• Cardiotoxicity or damage to the heart
• Cardiac dysfunction, arrest, myocardial infarction, and/or heart failure
• fainting or loss of consciousness
• Possible brain damage
• Coma or death
With these possible side effects or the threat of death ecstasy is a drug that should be taken seriously, you could save your own life by admitting to a treatment center as soon as possible.